G-Star Chefdesignerin Rebekka Bach

G-Star Raw zeigt auf der Bread&Butter Berlin gerade seine Looks für Spring/Summer 2013 – zeitgleich geben wir Euch schon einmal Lesestoff. Denn Rebekka Bach, Chefdesignerin von G-Star, beantwortete uns ein paar Fragen zur SS 2013-Kollektion. Die Amsterdamerin hat natürlich ihre ganz besonderen Favourites. Mehr lest ihr im The Random Noise Interview…

The Random Noise: Describe the G-Star Style SS 2013 in three words!
Rebekka Bach: Summer denim elegance, 3D craftsmanship and perfect denim fits.

What are the key pieces of the collection and what makes them so particularly cool?
Key piece of the collection is the G-Star Elwood, The G-Star Elwood was the very first 3-D denim and this season we have given this iconic denim a new contemporary look. Modern tonal stitching and a Slim Tapered fit can be easily combined with the rest of our Spring/Summer 2013 collection for a cool and fresh look. Another key piece is the 3301 Contour Skinny. Unique to the Contour Fit is that it is a completely rethought pattern design that is tailored to fit women with a slender waist (hourglass figure). Both in motion or sitting down, the design of this denim envelops the waist and offers a flawless streamlined silhouette.

What’s your favourite piece?
My favourite denim for the season is the Dexter Slinky Super Skinny, a clean and slim jean without any frills. The Dexter comes this season in a Slinky fit, a fit beyond skinny to fit a more straighter body type.

Which denim fabric news are there?
This season we bring new summer indigo shades – especially a beautiful light washed range that fits the summer season. Furthermore for the RAW Essentials a lot of research has gone into re–inventing the deep, intense dark blue colour of Toile de Chine, an indigo shade that pre–dates denim. Combination of this dark Toile de Chine with the light washed denims creates a special and an elegant look.

How many pair of Jeans to you own?
I have approximately 200 pairs of denim; I instinctually keep my jeans because I can’t give them away. There are just too many memories in every one of them; they all remind me of specific happenings in my life.

Do you wash them?
I wash my denims as little as possible because I want indigo shade to remain as rich as possible.

Rebekka Bach

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