Mit dem wunderbaren Label Eva&Bernard geht unsere kleine Vorab-Interviewserie zur Fashion Week Berlin auch schon zu Ende. Wir haben die Designerin Nait Rosenfelder und ihren Mann und Business-Partner Roey Vollman zu einem kleinen Gespräch in ihrem Kreuzberger Studio getroffen.


TRN: To found the label Eva&Bernard why was it important to move from Tel Aviv to Berlin?
R: We moved here for different reasons. After our son was born we felt it was the right time for a new location. Nait had her own label in Tel Aviv in which I wasn´t as involved as I am now. What she was doing with her own label back then was a bit of a niche in terms of the Israeli market. She was successful but there is only a certain extent in which you can be successful in what she was doing.
N: In Israel I had my own boutique and was selling to individuals. Right now we are working with buyers etc. – so the whole process of thinking on the collection is different.
R: For us it´s definitely a new playground.
N: I was always playing with the thought of coming to Germany because my grandparents are from Germany and now was the right time.
R: We moved here because we wanted to be here as a family and on top of that we are now developing a business.

TRN: What is the concept of the collection?
N: I think every collection starts with two things: there is the fabric and a style of shape. There is a shape that I´m scribbling again and again and for some reason it gets stuck in my head. From this point on I´m developing the collection. Also every collection is a bit of a continuation of the last one.
R: In this collection we are more into textures than in the last one. We were so in love with certain fabrics that we even made little bags.

TRN: Why did you decide to do a presentation and a video screening instead of a classic runway show?
R: Actually it is a video for the spring collection. It was a collaboration with an Israeli director. He approached us with the idea a year ago, we wouldn´t have thought of a video. Since moving here we were a bit more adventurous, the whole thing is a big adventure and we thought „let´s do a little adventure in the big one“.


TRN: How is it to work with your husband, how is the division of work?
N: It was new for us to work together because in Tel Aviv I worked by myself and now it is  basically family and business combined. It is much more fun to work together.
R: It is just a craft that you have to learn.

TRN: How does the future of Eva&Bernard look like?
N: This season we are starting a lot of new things: we are working with an agent here in Germany and one in New York, Roey is going to Copenhagen with the collection and we are going to Tranoi. We have a new label so we are still trying things and checking out different directions.
R: When we came here we thought of Berlin as a harbour from which we try different directions in Europe and than maybe across the Atlantic. One of the main goals this year is to strengthen the position here in Germany. Berlin and Germany is and will be our main focus.

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