Serena Guen

Das 22-jährige Energiebündel Serena Guen, eigentlich Studentin an der NYU, ließ sich vom Schicksal verführen und gründete mit ihrer Komolitonin Charlotte Summers das Fashion/Travel-Magazin Suitcase, welches wir Euch hier schon einmal vorgestellt haben.

Bis wir das Magazin für Euch auf The Random Noise genauer unter die Lupe nehmen, könnt ihr schon einmal die Website zu Gemüte führen. Hier gibt es fast täglich neue Posts zu guten Bars, Shops oder Restaurants auf der ganzen Welt. Die Paris-Tipps sind jedenfalls sehr gut ausgewählt. Man merkt, dass Serena und ihre Kollegen und Contributors jeden Ort persönlich mindestens einmal testen, ehe er erwähnt wird. Und das ist in Zeiten der überflüssigen Lobreiseführern à la Marcellino’s echt eine willkommene Selektion!

The Random Noise: Dear Serena, please briefly describe Suitcase Magazine for us.
Serena Guen: Suitcase Magazine will be a quarterly fashion/travel magazine, website and iPad App for young, independent women who love fashion and love traveling. They may treat themselves with a great dinner one night but then also enjoy an underground location the next evening.

What is your role?
I am the director of the magazine. Charlotte, who approached me with the idea of the magazine, is the editor-in-chief, Besides that, we have a team of about ten people based in London. This is our office. It’s a tiny office but I am so glad we finally have one (lacht).

Has your feeling about experiencing travel changed as soon as you got involved with Suitcase? Can you still relax on a vacation?
Well, no-but I never did, so that’s not very different! The only difference is that I am constantly tweeting everything that I do.

Who was you best temporary airplane friend ever?
My best temporary airplane friend award would probably have to go to Jane Gooddall, although I was probably too young to appreciate it. She was the kindest and most fascinating lady.

Which is the most overrated travel destination?
I’m a bit scared to say anything – don’t want the tourist board coming after me – but I’d have to admit that I was not a huge fan of Prague. I spent three days there and that was more than enough for me. It is undoubtedly very beautiful but it sometimes tries too hard, and perhaps I am biased from the fact that practically every meal I had I was sat next to a group of women wearing pink furry penis headbands and Learner plates.

What is a perfect holiday for you?
If you’d asked me this question five years ago, I would’ve said anywhere with a good wave to surf. However, I have grown up (just a little) since and so my expectations have changed a little but they are probably just as simple; I need sun for it to be a perfect holiday then after that something cultural and the possibility to relax. However the meanings of cultural and possibility to relax can be stretched pretty widely.

Which up-and-coming fashion brands do you love at the moment?
Les Filles en Fleur is definitely one of my favourites!

Serena Guen

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