Clémence Poésy - das neue Gesicht von G-Star RAW

Als einer der wenigen internationalen Prominenten tauchte die zierlich Clémence Poésy bei der Show von G-Star RAW auf. Das neue Gesicht des Labels übernahm die Ankündigung der Performance und stand im nachhinein für einige wenige Fragen zur Verfügung. Wir konnten ein Glück zur Q’n’A huschen und rasch drei Fragen an die Französinim hübschen G-Star Kleid stellen.

The Random Noise: So, how did you like the G-Star RAW show?
Clémence Poésy: It was amazing. I think seeing clothes in a movement like that was wonderful. And everything that has to do with dance, really has my heart. So I think it was beautiful and a brilliant idea.

Do you have a fashion item, which you have always with you when you travel?
I always have a scarf with me, because I always get sick on planes and it’s perfect for sleeping.

Did you get chance to see Berlin and how do you like it?
I’ve been here before and I really love Berlin, it has a creative energie, which it very unique. As a Parisian, I always feel like there is so much space here, because we are all cramped up  in our flats and little museums. Yesterday, I went to the Hamburger Bahnhof and my friend and I were thinking: „Oh my God, look at the size of the doorways!“. And of course, they use the space to put in these amazing art pieces. And a lot of my friends, who are artists, moved to Berlin a few years ago, because it seems to be easier in Berlin than everywhere else.

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