Im Interview: Eleonora Carisi

Das hübsche Gesicht von Eleonora Carisi mit dem kleinen dunklen Leberfleck ziert nicht nur unzählige internationale Streetstyle Seiten und ihren eignen Blog Jou Jou Villeroy, sondern bald auch die Werbeplakate von Ebay, die sich in ihrer neunen Fashion Kampagne für sie und zwei weitere Damen entschieden haben. Beim Shooting im Januar in Berlin sprach die Italienerin mit mir über die neue Zusammenarbeit, ihren eignen Shop This is Amaze in Turin und natürlich über persönlichen Stil.

The Random Noise: How did you get in touch with ebay, how did it all start?
Eleonora Carisi: Well, I received a fantastic email, the title was something like „ebay model“. I was happy and really proud, too, because I love ebay and of course, know it since I’m 15 and bought my first stuff there. And I was really surprised at the same time, it was unexpected and is a great opportunity to work in a new role in the fashion business.

Do you have a personal connection to ebay?
Haha, yes! I bought a lot of American vinatge t-shirts on ebay for my shop, just when I started it and was totally up for vintage.

What do you say, what makes a good style?
To be natural. Style is a mood. You don’t have to be obsessed by clothes, that’s not the point. Clothes are just the first window, after that we have to go inside and see who we are. Obviously, I love to wear clothes, I’m a girl and additionally work in fashion, but I think most important is to be confident with yourself and natural.

So it has to fit the personality?
Yes, exactly! Be confident and joke with the clothes, I always say!

How does the selection of your store This Is Amaze looks like?
The store depends on my feelings. It is like my closet: Today I like that, the other day I feel like wearing that. I’m really different and dynamic. It’s the same for my shop. Of course, when I shop for the store, I know my customers and what they probably would like, I know what will be confident for them, like the French brands. But I also choose from what I love, maybe it’s more extreme and exotic, but I want to try to share always something new with the people.

How would you discribe your and so also the shop style?
My style is really dynamic. If you look at me now, I’m more bohemian girly. I love colors, highheels, the really feminine look. But tomorrow, I maybe wake up and feel like skinny jeans and Dr. Martens – I love these boots – and a comfy military vintage t-shirt. About the shop, it’s quiet different. There are the seasonal styles, so you can not change it all the time. You have to get it, sell it and buy the new clothes again. The shop offers always a lot of black, because the people in my town Turin really like dark clothes for some point. But I also have people, who trust in my work with French brands, they are open for new stuff like chiffon skirts, lots of navy, maybe even patterned or high waisted pants. You can find what you want!

What brands do you have in your shop selection?
The limited edition and adult lines of Petit Bateau, Sessun – so crazy, everybody loves it in Paris – and for men Panoplie. They do just five cuts or so, simple and really good. All in all, I have more than 30 brands and of course, my own collection, which is called Whats inside you. I started it at home with leggins, when noone else was wearing them. And now we just do dresses – long, short, colored, that’s what people want, a real good dress that’s limited and has good quality, because it’s made in Italy. And still it’s commercial, everyone could wear it for daily life.

So you produce it in Turin?
Yes, me and my assistant make them in our studio right at the shop.

Do you have a favourite fashion item right now?
Actually, the dress I’m wearing right now. The collar is not even white anymore, probably because I wear it so much. I bought it in New York in January, it’s vintage and original from the 60’s. But I want to change it a little, I have big fake plastic diamonds – I show you later – and I want to put them on the collar and here [sie zeigt auf die Rückseite der unteren Ärmel]. So I get actually a new dress.

And what’s your favourite look of the ebay campaign?
Yes, wait, let me show it to you [sie holt ein bodenlagnes Kleid in Pink-Orange]. This silk long dress. I want to wear it with highheels and socks, don’t you think?

Eleonora mit ihrem Lieblingskleid vom Ebay Shooting

Backstage Ebay Kampagne 2012 Shooting

Backstage Ebay Kampagne 2012 Shooting

Backstage Ebay Kampagne 2012 Shooting

Fotos © Kiki Albrecht/The Random Noise

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